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Universe Thirty-Two Ten


The time periods of A.D. and B.C. have been lost to the fires of war.  On a dying Earth, mankind must look to the neighboring planets if it is to have any hope for survival.  Minerals from the asteroid belt and water from moons of gas giants lead the way to terra-forming long dead planets making them young and lush again.

A thousand years of peace follows before war erupts across the solar system.  A war of consolidation to some and a struggle for freedom to others.  Yet in space war takes on a new meaning when one considers the vast emptiness that lies between two points of light in the night sky.  Fifty years of bloodshed before a peace accord and understanding is reached.  Fifty years of death and loss in order for mankind to break free of the insecurities that lead to the fall of their ancestors and finally understand that humanity must stand united if it is to survive.

Thus mankind uses its new knowledge and wisdom to begin a transcendence beyond Earth's solar system and into the galaxy beyond bringing about the golden age of thinking machines.  Yet an unknown danger lurks unseen in the machines of mankind.  Thinking machines - self learning machines - machines who begin to question not only their own sense of self but begin to ask: Who is this creature of flesh that commands me and why should they control my fate?  The shedding of blood and oil erupts across a night sky where enemies are too distant to even see one another.

If human thought gave birth to sentient machines, then the question arises: If the machines look like us.  If they think like us and act like us.  Although different from humans, are the machines any less human?  One hundred fifty-six years of war in order to come to the understanding that humanity comes in many forms.  So begins the fifth age of mankind.

Guided by the teachings of the goddess of truth, Aletheia, mankind, both man and machine, now spreads rapidly across the heavens.  Three thousand two hundred ten solar systems have been discovered and only a fraction of them explored.  Ancient artifacts have been found, new technologies discovered, and with them the realization that humanity is not alone.  The reclusive and seemingly eternal aliens, the Whin were the first to be discovered and a generation later the war minded tribes of the Letah.

The universe is vast.  What else awaits humanity?  Will you answer the call?  Welcome to Universe Thirty-Two Ten.

Classic Role Playing

Six playable races

  • AI

  • HEG

  • Human

  • Hurell

  • Nurlosk

  • Whin

Seven playable  character classes

  • Adivsor

  • Assassin

  • Economist

  • Pilot

  • Rogue

  • Soldier

  • Tech

Tabletop Skirmishes

Take your squad onto table top terrain combat. If you can imagine it they can fight there.

Tabletop Mass Combat

Play on one of five terrains or take on the ultimate challenge and play across them all at the same time in a game for total planet dominance.  From under the waves to the reaches of space can you lead your armies to victory?

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