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Sole Survivor

Well it finally came – The apocalypse. Guess it’s time to start looking out for #1 and how you’re going to survive in this new crazy world. The Undead are filling the streets. The Marauders are roaming the countryside. The Plague is everywhere and even the other Survivors are out to get you. But you’re in luck, not all the scoundrels are your enemy and some are even willing to give you a hand. So, use their help to take down the other survivors before they can do the same to you.
In Sole Survivor 2-6 players take turns trying to eliminate one another from the game to secure their own future survival.  Using attack and defense cards from the ninety-card deck, along with some strategy and a little bit of luck, each player is attempting to play a card that his or her opponents are unable to beat.  The game is over when only one player is left – the victorious Sole Survivor.

Sole Survivor Pit 3
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